Smoking is a psychosocial evil. It is gradually increasing in present-day generation. Different factors influence the adoption of this habit. It adversely effects the mental and physical health. Once you are addicted specialized strategical approach is applied to get rid of it.




  1. Misperception:


The first thing that causes an important role in the adoption of this habit is a misperception spread by smokers that it’s a source of pleasure. A person who is suffering from harsh circumstances searches for satisfaction in smoking.


  1. Accessibility:


The Second thing is the easy availability of sources of smoking e.g. Cigarettes that are cheap in cost and very easily available at the market.


  1. So-Called Swag:


The third thing that influences the youth for this curse i observed is that they idealize the dominant character in movies. These characters are publicly advertising it and youth adopt it as a fashion.


  1. Trails or Test:


It’s human nature to dig out things. Some acquisitions happen because of this.





Smoking effects both physical and mental health as explained in the following;


Psychological Effects:


  1. Fluctuations in the mood:


Nicotine is a major component of the smoke of cigarettes. It causes frequent feelings of pleasure and when it’s supply is limited cause frustrations in the human mood.


  1. Fidgeting:


Smoking develops the fidgets in smokers e.g. finger tapping, nail chewing, etc. These fidgets lead to the development of an unbalanced personality.


The feeling of Emptiness:


When a smoker doesn’t smoke he feels incomplete. He realizes many times that he is missing something.


  1. Hyperactive Brain:


Researches show that nicotine hyperactive in the brain. It means smokers perform well than non-smokers. It might be counted in smoking benefits.


  1. Focus loss:


Smokers can focus on anything till they smoke. If they don’t smoke they face trouble in focusing.


Physical Effects:


  1. Breathing Problems:


Torre in smoke loud the airways (alveoli) and the transport of air (oxygen & carbon dioxide) is restricted.


  1. Cancer:


Carcinogens in the smoke of cigarette e.g. butadiene, aldehydes influence the production of tumor cells in the body. So smoking might be a major cause of cancer.


  1. Nervous Irregularities:


When a cigarette is smoked the level of nicotine in plasma increased. The enhanced level of nicotine increases the level of epinephrine and norepinephrine that may chance the natural production or availability of dopamine that is the hormone responsible for pleasure. Mental satisfaction and comfort are associated with smoking.


  1. Thickening of Blood:


The chemical in cigarette smoke debased in blood and thick the blood. For thick blood, the heart has to pump more forcefully to conduct the blood supply that increases the blood pressure. Thickening of blood also causes blockage in blood arteries and heart valves.


  1. Hormonal Imbalance:


Smoking brings about an imbalance in hormones of the body like a smoking-dependent increase in testosterone, estrogen, and dopamine. All these hormones are important for body functions.


Why Smoking Is addictive:


Mental illness will influence you to smoke when you have nothing else to do. In your free time, you will prefer to smoke than in a busy routine.


Smoking increase Nicotine level and increase the dependent on if for satisfaction. To achieve the required level of Nicotine indirectly the level of comfort you have to smoke according to your routine.



How to Get Rid of Smoking:


You can get rid of smoking by strong determination and keeping you busy and focus on creative activities or by chewing or eating when you feel the need to smoke.


Some antidepressants are also used for quitting the purpose of smoking. Varenicline and Bupropion are the FDA-recommended medicine for this purpose that you can use with proper care and doctors’ instructions.